About Me
Paulina Paciorkowska
Makeup has always been my passion.  I don't remember a time where I wasn't playing with it, putting it on or buying it.  When I was a teenager, every time I left my room my mom would close her eyes and shake her head in disbelief of the amount of makeup I would have on my face.  Fortunately, that phase didn't last long. 

My love and skill for makeup application always came naturally. Throughout the years I've gained knowledge and experience by completing an apprenticeship at the Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, makeup courses at the London Eyes International Makeup School and receiving my esthetics license from the New Age Spa Institute.  I'm a self-thought hair stylist and after years of doing my own hair for every event, I decided to put my skills to use and offer it to others.  I absolutely love what I do. 

Meeting new people, getting to know them and helping women feel beautiful on the outside just as they are on the inside is a great feeling.